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9 question challenge DJ conSequence 

  1. What do you usually start with at a set/ performance?
    The Dj consequence Intro. then the music is determined by the audience mood at that moment
  2. The relationship between a CO and his audience is a fragile one. How do you see the balance between giving the audience what they want and treating them to something new?
    Its not easy introducing new materials to the audience. the audience usually only want to hear what the know or like. but you have to take the risk sometimes by introducing new stuffs. but social media has helped a lot. once new materials are out there people are aware and listen
  3. Without technology, there’ll be no Djing in the first place. How have particular technologies affected your style of Djing? Technology has made djing easier. faster and more expensive. now you can dj with different softwares. buy and download songs on the internet but the cost is very crazy
  4. The club has remained a great place for the discovery and appreciation of electronic music. How do you see the relationship between this music and when it is performed? Is there a different effect on the audience?
    Electronic music is known in this part of the continent but not well accepted. but due to the kind of audience Quilox has. I have to balance the set to suit all kinds of genres, i have at least a 15 – 20mins set of Electro House music every night
  5. What event was the highlight of your career in the past one year. working with other colleagues dj hazan and eland?

  6. SP AT 40 which was a three day event. involving proper planning among the djs. had to work together to arrange a 3 day set. and different artistes performance sets
    Quilox runs on 4 days. which days do you play and can you describe the ambiance?
    Fridays and Sundays and the ambience is always crazy. these are like the peak days in the club

  7. Is there anywhere you’d like .2 to perform that you haven’t – performed yet? Yes. LIV In Miami

  8. What are your plans for the rest of your career as a dj In Quilox?
    To take both my brand and the Quilox brand international

  9. What Is your all-time club banger?
    DJ KHALED All i do is win

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